radicale setup

11 November 2017 config sane-way-of

how to setup a current radicale on a server with no existing python 3000 and staying sane in the process.

  1. create a directory where the whole stuff will live, say /srv/radicale
  2. install python3 to this directory
    1. mkdir /srv/radicale/python
    2. download the current python3 release, extract it and cd to the extracted python sources
    3. ./configure --prefix=/srv/radicale/python && make && make install
  3. add /srv/radicale/python/bin to PATH
  4. install virtualenv for your local python installation: pip install virtualenv
  5. create a virtual environment: cd /srv/radicale && virtualenv venv
  6. activate the venv: . venv/bin/activate
  7. download the current radicale release, extract it and cd to the extracted radicale sources
  8. with the activated venv run python setup.py install
  9. radicale should be available as command in the activated venv.

configuring the whole thing is another story.