rrsync Setup Notes

25 February 2019 config

rrsync is a wrapper script which limits the access of rsync to a sub-hierarchy of the filesystem. this is useful for automated tasks like backups or deploying things. i bet there are plenty other write-ups on this, so i have to add mine.

xscreensaver takes a little duration when resuming to lock the screen. to fix this, the screen has to be locked before pm-suspend is called.

radicale setup

11 November 2017 config sane-way-of

how to setup a current radicale on a server with no existing python 3000 and staying sane in the process.

syslinux on usb key

11 November 2017 config

steps to install syslinux to an usb key. shown here is how to boot memtest.

upspin suffix setup

23 September 2017 config

basic setup for servers and clients is described at to use suffixes (normal and +snapshot), a bit more setup is required on the client side.

this assumes that plan9port is installed like this git clone cd plan9port ./INSTALL PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/bin now you can start acme using different fonts with 9 acme -f /mnt/font/'Go Regular'/11a/font -F /mnt/font/'Go Mono'/11a/font


15 June 2017 b0rken config

i recently noticed that my wifi was really slow. checking it revealed that i only had 1Mbit as bitrate, while the link quality was fine.

i use thinkpads and really like the trackpoint. i also like middle clicking. this leaves one in a state where no sane scolling is possible, hold-middle-scrolling-trackpoint just seems wrong. so heres how to use the wretched trackpad for scrolling, disabling it as mouse.

Using a window manager with KDM as login manager can be a bit tricky. This is how I’ve got dwm and ssh-agent with prompting for passphrases to startup correctly.