upspin suffix setup

basic setup for servers and clients is described at to use suffixes (normal and +snapshot), a bit more setup is required on the client side.

+snapshot suffix

to use snapshot functionality, you need to add a configuration for the user:

upspin user > /tmp/user
# edit /tmp/user, adding +snapshot suffix to name
upspin user -put < /tmp/user

normal suffixes

to create a suffixed user with a new set of keys, first generate the keypair:

mkdir ~/.ssh/ && upspin keygen ~/.ssh/

edit the user configuration like for the snapshot user, additionally changing the publickey to the new one:

upspin user > /tmp/user
# edit /tmp/user:
# - add +suffix to name
# - change publickey to contents of ~/.ssh/
upspin user -put < /tmp/user

the new suffixed user doesn't have permissions to access the tree of the main user. setting up access is described at