Ruben Schuller

I am currently studying computer science, working part time for bytemine. Some time ago I worked as an environmental protection assistant in a local laboratory (mostly doing ICP-AES of soil and water samples).

I like unixy things. Currently my language of choice is Go (previously python, but it seems that I've been converted to static typing).

Following you can find some of the things I did in my spare time.



slack demand scripts
My Slackware build scripts
slack demand packages
Packages of some of the scripts. Mostly for my own usage.

Github & Bitbucket

I somehow like bitbucket better. Maybe because I can have private repos.
Not really much to see here.



Serial terminal slackware installation
For systems like ALIX or APU.
TRIM with LVM (& LUKS)
What options to set to use TRIM with LVM (and LUKS if you really want.)


Installing radicale
From the planned series "The sane way of.." docs
I've mirrored some stuff of sometime ago. As it seems the original stuff is gone, you can take a look here. All rights still belong to AT&T and Lucent.