writing bluray discs, part two

in the last post i wrote that you need to use ATAPI as transport. turns out you don't!

one just needs to modprobe sg - the generic scsi driver:

The SCSI Generic driver (sg) is one of the four “high level” SCSI device drivers along with sd, st and sr (disk, tape and CDROM respectively). Sg is more generalized (but lower level) than its siblings and tends to be used on SCSI devices that don’t fit into the already serviced categories. Thus sg is used for scanners, CD writers and reading audio CDs digitally amongst other things. [emphasis by me]

now you just can do cdrecord -scanbus and do dev=x,y,z without any further modifiers.

on slackware just uncomment the respective line already present in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules.local,

/sbin/modprobe sg             # Generic SCSI support for SATA DVD-RW

and you should be good to go!